Saturday, April 10, 2010

Noosa River Mangrove

Noosa River

Noosa River

Artical in The Age Good Weekend. Frank Robson , ( April 10 2010 )Paradise Lost, Page 14, Age Good Weekend Australia. It discusses the environmental effect of alteration to location of the mouth and path of the Noosa River and subsequent development.

Noosa River

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Walking Tree Fragments

Walking Tree Fragments is the title of my project for TreeLine.

Artist statement

Mangroves are an important part of the matrix which binds the edges of our coastal regions together, preventing them from spilling into the rising ocean. In times of global warming and rising sea levels they become even more crucial.

My recent work explores the fragile beauty of coastal mangrove areas. These areas have included the Westernport Bay area of Victoria and Cape Tribulation on the Daintree coast of Queensland. Current projects include mangrove regions along the Sunshine Coast in Queensland.

The Fragile Edge was made after a trip to the Cape Tribulation. The work explores the use of shadow, fragmentation and collage as a means to underline the significance and fragile beauty of mangroves in the coastal landscape.

The work stretches the boundaries of conventional print making by using light and space to bring life to the work.

Fragments of relief printing on paper are mounted on tulle and hung away from the wall. The work is lit to create shadows or a “ghost image” on the wall behind.

Jodi Heffernan